Theory of Computer Science

Code Bounds: A (Crude) Course


A list of some broad research topics from a previous reading group at UChicago/TTIC.

External Speaker Series

We are very happy to announce great talks by invited external speakers! (Stay tuned for updates.)

Reading Group: Coding Theory

Coding Theory Brief Intro and Some Open Problems

Aaron Potechin exposition of "Expander Random Walks: A Fourier-Analytic Approach"
by Cohen, Peri and Ta-Shma

Reading Group: High-dimensional Expanders

High-Dimensional Expanders imply Agreement Expanders Part 1

High-Dimensional Expanders imply Agreement Expanders Part 2

Boolean Function Analysis on HDX

List Decoding Direct Product Codes with Double Samplers

Kaufman-Oppenheim's HDX Construction

Some Notes from the HDX-Codes Cluster

Oppenheim's Trickling-Down Theorem

Simplified Expansion Analysis of Kaufman-Oppenheim's HDX

Expander Graphs - Both Local and Global

Local Analysis of Higher-Order Random Walks and Applications

Some Open Problems