Reading Group - Theory of Computer Science


A list of some broad research topics with ongoing research at UChicago/TTIC.

External Speaker Series

We are very happy to announce great talks by invited external speakers! (Stay tuned for updates.)

Coding Theory

Coding Theory Brief Intro and Some Open Problems

Aaron Potechin exposition of "Expander Random Walks: A Fourier-Analytic Approach"
by Cohen, Peri and Ta-Shma

High-dimensional Expanders

High-Dimensional Expanders imply Agreement Expanders Part 1

High-Dimensional Expanders imply Agreement Expanders Part 2

Boolean Function Analysis on HDX

List Decoding Direct Product Codes with Double Samplers

Kaufman-Oppenheim's HDX Construction

Some Notes from the HDX-Codes Cluster

Oppenheim's Trickling-Down Theorem

Simplified Expansion Analysis of Kaufman-Oppenheim's HDX

Expander Graphs - Both Local and Global

Local Analysis of Higher-Order Random Walks and Applications

Some Open Problems